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Girls Golf

8/22/2018 WED CARTER 315
8/28/2018 TUE RAMONA 3:15
8/30/2018 THUR @ LA SIERRA 3:15
9/4/2018 TUE @ AB MILLER 3:15
9/6/2018 THUR @ ARROYO 3:15
9/11/2018 TUE NORTE VISTA 3:15
9/13/2018 THUR @ JURUPA VALLEY 3:15
9/18/2018 TUE HILLCREST 3:15
9/20/2018 THUR @ RAMONA 3:15
9/25/2018 TUE LA SIERRA 3:15
9/27/2018 THUR AB MILLER 3:15
9/28/2018 FRI ORANGE VISTA 3:15
10/2/2018 TUE ARROYO VALLEY 3:15
10/4/2018 THUR @ NORTE VISTA 3:15
10/9/2018 TUE JURUPA VALLEY 3:15
10/11/2018 THUR @ HILLCREST 3:15
2017 Girls Golf
2017 Girls Golf
Girls Golf.jpg


Do you want to play a Fall sport?  Join the 2017 Girls Varsity Golf team!  


There's no running (like Cross Country) and no getting spiked in the face (like Volleyball).  You can still play soccer in the Winter and softball or track in the Spring.  


No golf skills?  No golf clubs?  NO PROBLEM!  Mr. Cabanas will teach you all the golf that you need to know. And the school will furnish you with golf clubs.


If you are interested, e-mail Mr. Cabanas at the link above or visit him in G-211 before school. (Sorry, no seniors without previous golf experience!)


download.jpg Special thanks to Colton Golf Club for supporting the RHS Knight Golf Teams.

Fairmont Park
Fairmont Park